Perfection on Paper

I provide editing services for pieces no matter what the intended audience, whether it’s a personal statement, cover letter, science fiction short story, or mature/graphic material intended for those eighteen or older. I do not have a set upper or lower limit on the number of pages.


Business writing
Effective business writing allows you to showcase your best self to employers, schools, and colleagues. A well-written personal statement, article, cover letter, and/or résumé distinguishes you as an intelligent professional with a desirable skill set. If you are working on a piece of writing which has a required word or character count, I would prefer that it meets that count when submitted to me. (If you are very close, but not quite able to meet the word count, contact me; I may be able to accomodate you.) My goal is to enhance your writing, but keep it true to you.


Fiction pieces/other
As this is a very personal collaborative process, I may get in touch with you to make sure I understand your needs, desires, and direction for the piece. If there is anything you feel I should know when working with your piece, please e-mail me or add a note when you submit it. This will help me ensure that you are satisfied.




Allana M. Langen is a cum laude graduate of the Honors College at SUNY Brockport.  She graduated with a Bachelor’s in English and sociology. She is currently employed by the University of Buffalo.

"Allana has the ability to turn an atrociously written statement into a work of art. She has been a great help while guiding me through my personal statement for my application to Dental School. The essays that I have given her have come out completely turned around and have given me the ability to believe in myself and my accomplishments. "

-Henna K., New York City, NY